The Cafe

About Us

Hidden in the historic district of Yushima, Tokyo, Yushima Igo Café is a relaxing and inviting café for anyone looking to enjoy Go.

A no smoking establishment with an extensive drink menu and a laid-back atmosphere, visitors can enjoy themselves with fellow Go enthusiasts.

New to Go? No problem! Our experienced staff can teach you the rules of the game in no time.
You can also visit by yourself—our staff can also set you up to play with other visitors of a similar level.

Come on down and join us for a game.
We look forward to seeing you.

Please note:

・While we try our best to match up visitors with opponents of a similar skill level, any skill differences that may still exist will be compensated by a handicap.
・On Fridays starting at 4:30 pm, we host Go lessons for children. A certain number of seats will be taken up by the class and we may get a little busy.
・During the daytime on Friday and Saturday, we may not be able to accommodate groups of more than 10 people.
・To learn the rules of Go, make a reservation through the Contact Us page and let us know in advance. Learning the rules and playing a practice game takes around 40 minutes in total.
・We also have a selection of other board games available. Let us know if your group is interested.


We charge the following as a game fee at Yushima Igo Café.
We also offer a monthly pass for regular visitors.

2000 yen per visit
13,000 yen per month (monthly pass)
* For 20 to 39 year-olds, we also offer an even more reasonable monthly pass at 7500 yen!

【Online Salon members】
1500 yen per visit
10, 000 yen per month (monthly pass)

1000 yen per visit
9000 yen per month (monthly pass)

2000 yen per visit with a 40-minute free lesson (on a 9 by 9 or 13 by 13 board)

【Rent the venue (On Mondays and Tuesdays; no staff support)】
3000 yen per hour

【Rent the venue (On Mondays and Tuesdays; no staff support)】
5000 yen per hour

【Teaching game (shidogo)】
2000 yen per game
500 yen per graded game record

※The game fee includes one free drink from the menu above, except for when renting the venue with no staff support. (Complementary coffee and tea are also available at the self-service area.)
※Online Salon members refer to paying members of our Online Go Salon.
※The game charge covers your whole stay. Stay as long as you lik until closing time.
※The monthly pass can be used from the day of purchase to the last day of that month.
※Reservations are required to rest out the venue on Mondays and Tuesdays, and for teaching games.
※A staff member can play teaching games on up to three boards simultaneously.
※While you can bring in your own foods and snacks, please refrain from bringing in beverages.

Drink menu

【Soft drinks】
300 yen each

・Dark roast coffee
・Light roast coffee
・Iced coffee

・Black tea (Hot/Iced)
・Oolong tea (Iced)
・Green tea (Hot/Iced)

・Apple juice
・Orange juice
・Ginger ale

・Aojiru (vegetable juice made from green leafy vegetables)
・Vegetable juice (sweeter than aojiru)

【Alcoholic drinks】
Medium sized bottle (720 ml) 500 yen

・Takashimizu/高清水 (ambient temperature/hot) 500 yen
・Ozeki/大関 (cold) 300 ml 700 yen

Shochu (distilled alcoholic spirit)
・By the glass:
・Sweet potato shochu (on the rocks/with hot water (oyuwari)/with water (mizuwari) 450 yen
・Barley shochu (on the rocks/with hot water (oyuwari)/with water (mizuwari) 450 yen
・By the bottle
・Kurokirishima/黒霧島 3500 yen
・Kuranosuku/蔵之介 4000 yen

・By the glass
・Kaku Highball 500 yen
・Old Parr 600 yen
・Taketsuru 600 yen
・Kaku 500 yen
・Dewar’s 500 yen
・By the bottle
・Taketsuru (bottle) 6000 yen
・Dewar’s (bottle) 5500 yen

Umeshu (plum wine)
On the rocks/with water 500 yen

Cocktails 500 yen each

・Gin with lime
・Gin Buck
・Vodka Buck
・Big Apple
・Tequila Buck
・Kahlua with milk
・Kahlua with orange juice

Spirits  500 yen per 25ml


Have some questions for us? Hopefully we’ve answered them below.

Q. Would I be able to play Go even if I turn up by myself?
Yes, you are welcome to come by yourself. Staff will be at hand to find you an opponent at a similar skill level. Please inform the staff of your skill level upon entering the venue.

Q. Do I need to make a reservation?
No, you generally do not need to make a reservation on regular days without any events. However, we recommend that do you make a reservation when visiting in groups of five or more.
Teaching games (shidogo) are reservation only. Please make a reservation by the day before your visit.

Q. Can I smoke in the café?
No, this is a non-smoking establishment.

Q. Are there any elementary school students among your customers? Can I send my child unaccompanied to your café?
Yes, absolutely. We have many elementary school students from Bunkyo-ku, Taito-ku, and Chiyoda-ku visiting our café. Children who can play on a 19 by 19 board are welcome to visit alone. However, children staying past 8 pm must be supervised by an adult.
Also check out the Go classes we host for children!

Q. Do you have parking? Where can I park?
We do not have a dedicated parking space. There are, however, metered parking spaces nearby.

Q. Can I visit without knowing the rules of the game of Go?
Of course! The staff can teach you the rules of Go and even complete beginners will be able to enjoy the game in no time.
We also recommend that you look into the events we host for beginners every month.